A trip to ER…

Our poor little kitten isn’t having a good week! 

It all started a few days ago when I noticed that he had fleas! Yuck! I don’t know how he would have got them, maybe from one of his outside walks… Me, being the awesome mother I am gave him a flea bath. Only one problem. I accidentally used dog shampoo. With permethrin. For any of you who don’t know permethrin is highly toxic to cats and can have severe neurological affects. 

Upon realising we called the vet who said to give him another bath (to get rid of any residual shampoo) and get him down there asap! 

We gave him a bath and long story short got him there as fast as we could! 

When we arrived he was shivering, although I think he was just cold, and the vet told us he was going to have to stay the night on a drip. He had a good night with no ill effects and apparently was wonderful when they gave him another bath (the third for that day!). 

Picked him up the next day with no problems, but he’s not been the happiest cat since! The poor thing is pretty timid and has been sleeping it off under my desk but he did come and have some cuddles with me this morning! Hopefully he’s better soon, I’ve definitely learnt my lesson!  



Busy, busy, busy!

We’re so sorry for the lack of posts/cute photos of dearest Marmalade! Hopefully some of these will make up! It’s been quite and interesting week!

  Marmalade has claimed a container as his new bed,

IMG_0995 IMG_0999

took a big look outside through the windowIMG_1008 IMG_1011

and has met his new friend Watson, our roommates pug puppy!



Trip to the Vet

Marmie went to the vet yesterday, and although he behaved himself I think he’s definitely holding a grudge!

Why you do?

Everyone at the vet thinks he’s the cutest little thing, he behaves so well, except when he gets his temperature taken! Our darling little boy was so brave, and he even made a new friend!

Marmalade had his second vaccination, a worming tablet and has been given some eyedrops for his red eyes, poor thing. He’s been giving me the stink eye since I’ve put them in, whenever he sees me now I feel as though he is searching me to see if I am carrying the drops!

They said it could be cat flu, but she seemed to doubt it as he hasn’t really been sneezing much, so it’s probably just allergies. She said he’d be fine we just need to keep an eye on him and if the eyedrops don’t work, pop back in. They do seem to be doing the trick though, I just feel like the biggest meanie when I have to put them in though!

This displeases me

Anyway, he was very good, didn’t even flinch when he had his vac, I was preparing myself for a bit of a fight… Hopefully his eyes will be all clear in a couple of days and he’ll stop scowling at us! I feel like we are in the bad books now, he didn’t even sleep on our bed last night. He won’t like it when he has to go back for the snip…

I definitely think he deserves a treat, how do you all spoil your kitties?