Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Welcome to my little blog, all things cats and all things cute! Hopefully to guide you on your merry way into cat ownership with some reviews of cat products, some DIY and just some plain fun.

After adopting our adorable kitty Marmalade, I thought why not share him in all his purring glory? It must be a crime to keep his adorable cuteness all to myself! So! Here, behold teh itteh bitteh kitteh!  




2 thoughts on “Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  1. What a great site about wonderful animals Cats are the best, oh maybe I should declare an interest here. I am a Cat. But not a normal Cat if you see what I mean. After all how many Cats can type? Exactly I am special in a good way har ha.

    Marmalade looks like an exceedingly fine Cat and I am looking forward to hearing about his escapades and of course his adopter.


    The Cat

    And thanks for following my little blog too. I would have been churlish if I didn’t follow suit!

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