Trouble and Trix Scratcher Review

Trouble and Trix Cat Scratcher Casper Castle

Trouble and Trix Cat Scratcher Casper Castle


Side on view of the Trouble and Trix Scratcher

The Trouble and Trix Cat Scratcher is the newest addition to Marmalade’s abundance of toys, but most importantly, it’s one he actually uses. 

This cat scratcher is great in the way that it’s a scratcher and has a sparkle disco ball-esc play thing down the bottom. It includes a corrugated cardboard scratch platform (which is conveniently replaceable), frame and a bag of catnip. It measures 50cm in length and although the compartment underneath may really only suitable for smaller cats, the scratching board would be long enough for the average puss.

Marmalade absolutely loves his new toy, climbing, scratching and batting around his new castle! Included was a small bag of catnip (and had to my disappointment leaked some of it’s contents everywhere) which is a really lovely addition to sprinkle all over. Unfortunately the actual scratch board doesn’t have a bottom, so when sprinkling catnip over the scratcher it does tend to go everywhere and not stay on the board.



Marmalade loves to lie down on top off his scratcher and survey his kingdom and, when he finally climbs down discovers his play thing underneath to bat around. One thing I will say about the Trouble and Trix scratcher is I can’t see the disco ball underneath lasting very long at all as he tears the absolute crap out of it, and it’s only made out of thin foil.

I will destroy you!

Disco ball-esc… thing…

Overall though, this scratcher has been a great toy for our lovely kitty. The dual action of scratching and playing makes it a wonderful 2-in-1 gift for your cat. With the replaceable corrugated board it’s a long-lasting toy which I can see getting a lot of use, and hopefully deters him from scratching our sofa. I do wish they sold replacement foil balls for underneath as it seems to be his favourite part, but perhaps I may be able to fashion something myself when it’s completely ruined. Although, at $15AUD it’s hard to fault. I’m giving this 4 out of 5 paws, as although I love it, there are a few things I would tweak.

King of the castle

King of the castle


I will destroy you!


5 thoughts on “Trouble and Trix Scratcher Review

  1. We have three cats and they destroy their scratcher quickly. Does the scratch part come out so you can replace it? This one is good too because some cats like to scratch horizontally and others vertically, (some on the carpet and some on the arm of furniture). So the angled scratch pad helps both!


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