Marmalades First Bath

Today Marmalade had his first bath, and although I’m not usually one to advocate washing indoor cats like Mar Mar, we all decided he needed one since picking him up from the pet shop! Indoor cats (and cats in general) are great at grooming themselves, and over bathing your kitty can lead to dry and flaky skin, and nobody wants that!

He doesn't even know what's coming..

He doesn’t even know what’s coming..

If your feline friends coat becomes oily, discoloured or just a bit smelly and can’t be fixed with a good brush then it might be time for a bath!

When we washed Marmalade we used a dog product called Fuzzyard Shampoo, which we were assured by our local pet shop would be safe for our kitty, plus it smells really great! Our local pet shop didn’t seem to have a large variety of cat washing products, but most shops do sell a dry shampoo which is great if you have a ferocious feline.

One thing I will say about washing your cat is make sure you have everything you need! I cannot stress this enough, because when you have a ball of wet, grumpy kitty with claws ready to scratch you, you don’t want to be looking for a towel!

Why have you forsaken me!?

Why have you forsaken me!?

Our darling kitten was pretty freaked out by the whole thing, I’m surprised he still let us give him a cuddle when he was dry! Remember: cats become very slippery when wet!

When it comes to lathering up your kitty we didn’t use a special pet hose, I just used a big cup and slowly poured water over him, then rubbed in the soap! I avoided his face and at the end wiped down his eyes and ears with a warm flannel with no soap. After he was soap free we began to towel him down. Now, I have seen YouTube videos where people get out their hair dryers on their cats and I must say that it’s probably not a great idea unless you have super mellow cat. Please, just take my word for it. It’ll probably take a really good rub to get your cat dry, make sure you have a few towels. IMG_0265

Hurah! Now you have a lovely clean (but probably grumpy) kitty! Make sure you give him a little extra TLC today! 


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