Walking Marmalade!

IMG_0621Today we took darling Mar Mar for a walk using the harness and leash I got from the Daiso shop! Marmalade was surprisingly chill for the first time being leashed up, and the first time going outside!IMG_0637 There were so many things to smell and explore, and he found it especially fun to try and eat the leash as we walked him. It’s been a big day for our sweet little man. Hopefully he didn’t get too dirty… I don’t think he’ll appreciate another bathIMG_0661


10 thoughts on “Walking Marmalade!

  1. I was leash/harness trained when I was a kitten and quite liked being able to do some exploring outside. Now that I’m older (a lot!) I get to go outside during the day without the harness/leash because I don’t wander off. I stay on the front porch or front yard. Either Mom or Dad is always out there with me though just to keep an eye on me. If it’s dark out, early mornings or evenings, I’m always on the harness/leash though. Mom calls the harness my security blanket because she thinks I feel more safe knowing she’s at the end of the leash!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • What a lucky kitty you are! I’m hoping Marmalade gets a bit more adventurous but I will definitely be keeping him on the leash for a while, I’m too scared he’ll run off and not know his way home to us! Marmalade looked so at ease with his harness on, he hardly even noticed it at all 🙂


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