Another Little Walk!

Darling Marmalade went out for another walk yesterday! Didn’t get far, but he seemed to enjoy all the new smells, and sensations – Especially grass! I’ll let you all see for yourselves though! 🙂
IMG_0940IMG_0945 IMG_0817 IMG_0883IMG_0808 IMG_0823


7 thoughts on “Another Little Walk!

  1. Love this! and take it from a current cat walker – the cat takes you for a stroll, not you taking the cat. I finally gave up taking Toby on walks and just tie him out in the yard on a really long, very light lead. That way he can stop and sniff to his hearts content. Oh, and BTW I NEVER leave him outside alone. Like with children, anything can happen in seconds – including wriggling out of the harness in seconds! Have fun with your baby outside. 🙂

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  2. Great photos……Sam is a grass fan too – loves to nibble it when we’re out for a walk around the yard. That’s one thing that has NEVER changed the past 15 years – he loves with Spring comes and there’s some nice TENDER grass to be nibbled!

    Pam (and Sam)

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