Review: Animates Round Cat Eye Wipes

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been so long!

Today I’m reviewing a handy product we picked up for Marmalade and his runny eyes, Animates Round Cat Eye WipesIMG_0705

I found these really great for our kitty, who being an exotic shorthair tends to get quite runny eyes, and it doesn’t probably help that our house is a little dusty at the moment!

I found these wipes to be a really great size, 5.3cm – diameter so they’re not too big, IMG_0714 not too small, and doesn’t feel like you’re wasting them either!

They don’t seem to bother Marmalade’s eyes either, which is great. They are also excellent at removing debris from around his eyes (which is obviously what we want)!

They’re convenient, but one thing I would say is they could be a little cheaper (they were $10 in store), when you could really just use a wet flannel, but for ease of use and peace of mind it’s worth it! You also get 100 in the container, and they haven’t dried out as of yet.

I’m giving these 4 paws out of 5, although they’re great they are a little pricey, I think!

Here you have it! A bright-eyed happy little kitten!

Here you have it! A bright-eyed happy little kitten!


Walking Marmalade!

IMG_0621Today we took darling Mar Mar for a walk using the harness and leash I got from the Daiso shop! Marmalade was surprisingly chill for the first time being leashed up, and the first time going outside!IMG_0637 There were so many things to smell and explore, and he found it especially fun to try and eat the leash as we walked him. It’s been a big day for our sweet little man. Hopefully he didn’t get too dirty… I don’t think he’ll appreciate another bathIMG_0661